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Super7 is a delicious blend of the world's 7 major Super Fruits; Amalaki, Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Cranberry. While providing vitamins, antioxidants, energy, enzymes and much more, CTFO has combined all 7 Super Fruits into a perfectly blended, synergistic immune support chewable.


10xPURETM Ultimate Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

CTFO’s breakthrough “10xPURE™ patented delivery technology” enriched with a synergistic combination of life enhancing nutrients is “Changing The Future Outcome” of the entire supplement industry.


10xPURETM-GOLD Super 1000

There are a lot of products that promote Extra-Strength Relief that just don’t work, and the side effects can’t be good for you. At CTFO, we have formulated, tested and launched what we call "Natures Miracle". 10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 1000mg is specially formulated for EXTRA-STRENGTH RELIEF.


10xPURETM Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

In these unprecedented times, staying clean and germ free is more important than ever! We are combining all of the benefits of regular hand sanitizer, including 70% isopropyl alcohol, with our AMAZING patented 10xPURETM.



The body is made up of over 100 trillion cells. Your eyes, nose, skin, heart, liver, fingernails, etc. are all made up of cells. As you are reading this, every second approximately 3.3 million cells die, and 3.3 million cells are replicated. You are either replicating healthy cells or unhealthy cells. Therefore, you could be either speeding the aging process or delaying the aging process.



DERMAVie® is the only well-balanced protein peptide deeply hydrating, fast-absorbing topical superfood of its kind for maintaining youthful energetic facial skin cells. DERMAVie® is a potent day & night skin treatment designed to richly nourish, strengthen, replenish and protect your skin’s moisture barrier, for plumper, firmer-looking skin, while restoring antioxidants that are naturally depleted over time.


Don’t ask for CBD:
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10xPURETM unlocks the transformative power of cannabinoid acids. CTFO is sharing the exclusive 10xPURETM platform with the world for the benefit of humanity.


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